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Welcome to the Resilience Hub for Frontline Civilians – your anonymous resource center for training, education, self-assessments, and activities on building resilience and preventing/recovering from PTSD.

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Interactive education, training, and self-assessements

Online Resilience Training
Education + Self-Assessment

Launch Presentation

What is resilience? How is it built?
How is it diminished? What is your current resilience level?

Online Trauma Training
Education + Self-Assessment

Launch Presentation

How does trauma effect resilience? What causes PTSD & Stressor Related Disorders? How does one “heal” and rebuild resilience? Where do you currently fall on the spectrum?

Resilience Resource Center

These materials can be used individually or within your community, before, during and after high-stress incidents; resources to help make it easier to bounce back after difficulties that are bound to happen in your career.

Individual Materials

Build your resilience:
Exercises, podcasts, multimedia, websites, and more to explore at your leisure. Build, rebuild, and monitor your resilience levels. 

Community Materials

Community is a cornerstone of resilience: Share these resources with friends and colleagues to build a resilient community, as well as support in times of crisis. 

Leadership Materials

Are you a leader? Strong and supportive leadership builds resilience in your team.  Use these resources to guide your team through times of stress and trauma. 

Angelic Young

The first time I acknowledged that I might have a problem was when I couldn’t get on a plane to Haiti. Not because I was scared of traveling to Haiti…                      .

Justin Richmond

The toughest thing about being a frontline civilian is that you must constantly balance risk versus the mission. Because of my background in Army Special Operations…

Rebecca Zimmerman

Driving on the New York State Thruway one morning in early 2013, my breathing slowed almost to a halt and I saw stars. As the needle inched up toward 65 miles per hour…

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Thank you for your service.

You, as a Frontline Civilian, are the leading edge of global security in the 21st century, and you deserve the full support of the U.S. government. Your well-being is of critical importance to you, to those around you, and to your mission.

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