Community Materials

Share these resources with friends and colleagues to build a resilient community, as well as support in times of crisis. 

Building Resilience
Just in Time
Rebuilding Resilience

Community: Building Resilience Materials

Building Team Resilience

Why: Recommended group exercises that a team can use to strengthen their resilience level.  The activities do not focus on trauma or violent scenarios.

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Why: The purposes of the simulation are to allow participants to identify which activities promote resilience and which don’t, to practice building a support network, to recognize symptoms in oneself and in others, and to practice mental-first aid.

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Overseas Crisis Readiness Course

Why: The Foreign Service Institute’s Transition Center and Leadership and Management School present this resource intended to help U.S. Government families and members of household prepare for a crisis overseas. It covers preparations to be done prior to departure for post, and upon arrival at post.

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Exercises to Enhance Resilience

Based on the American Psychological Association’s “10 Ways to Build Resilience”

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Community: Just in Time Materials

Stress Busters Activities for Groups

Why: These activities will help the group manage traumatic events and high stress levels by keeping the mind focused, entertained, and with a positive mindset

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Community: Rebuilding Resilience Materials

Pychological First Aid

Why: This training is provided by Johns Hopkins University in an online Coursera platform. There are no prerequisites. The course will take participants through the fundamental concepts, principles, and tactics of Psychological First Aid.

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Role-Playing Game

Why: This role-play simulation will help participants to process trauma and practice being a caregiver.

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Recommended Course: Resilience Strategies for Success Overseas, FSI

Why: This foundational course is designed to proactively meet the needs of foreign affairs community members – including employees, family members, and members of household – for foreign affairs community resilience training. This one-day workshop takes a practical approach and explores the need for resiliency, the meanings and definitions of the term, and develops strategies to increase resilience to thrive in an internationally mobile lifestyle.

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For Department of State Employees: Counseling Resources and Referral Services

Why: The Department of State provides a number of resources and services to support employees and their family members while on overseas as well as domestic assignments. There are also additional resources only available during an Unaccompanied Tour (UT).

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