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Strong and supportive leadership builds resilience in your team.  Use these resources to guide your team through times of stress and trauma. 

Building Resilience
Just in Time
Rebuilding Resilience

Leadership: Building Resilience Materials

Document: Five Reasons to Quit Overworking (and How to Stop)

Why: Overworking is less effective and more damaging than you think. Here’s why

Shared by Beth Payne

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Document: Your Resilience Battery Depleted? Don’t Stay Stuck, Seek Help from Department of State Resources

Why: List of offices, bureaus, and protocols as well as resources available to State employees to enhance resilience.

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Leadership: Just in Time Materials

Stress Busters Activities for Leaders

Why: These activities will help leaders manage traumatic events and high stress levels in staff.

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Leadership: Rebuilding Resilience Materials

Psychological First Aid Course

Why: This training is provided by Johns Hopkins University in an online Coursera platform. There are no prerequisites. The course will take participants through the fundamental concepts, principles, and tactics of Psychological First Aid.

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Leadership Communications 101

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